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June 2019 - 2020

Northern Chile

CLP $3.440.250
  • Difficulty: Experts
  • Maximum of riders: 12
  • Route: 6 days/5 nights

chilean horse


The Chilean Horse is the oldest breed of horse from South America and the oldest registered stock horse of all the Western Hemisphere. Unlike any other stock horse breed of the world, the Chilean Horse forms part of the “huaso” traditions. There is no confusing the Chilean Horse with any other breed, as its traits, its courageous personality, its incredible lateral dexterity and its specialized function to work cattle, are not a product of recently established objectives. Quite to the contrary, the Chilean Horse breeds true because it has 460 years of selection and genetic purity as the world’s premier cowhorse and the honor of being able to say it is a true breed in the classic sense of the word.

Randall Ray Arms, PAS Breed Specialist

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We present to you a selection of handicrafts created by local communities throughout Chile designed and supervised by Southern Cross Connection. All objects are original and handmade by women from small local communities linked to our projects.

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