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jaime zaror


His life has been linked to horses since childhood. His family traveled the Cordillera de los Andes taking the animals to summer and living a simple life always interacting with nature. The teaching of his grandparents instilled local traditional values and rescued the culture of each village they visited.

Jaime has set up renowned outdoor events, VIP camps for Dakar in the desert of Atacama, glamping for widely acknowledged vineyards located in Maipo Valley, South American Championships in youth climbing and beach volleyball in the central area. Additionally, he has developed mountain crossings on horseback for large tour operators in the UK, being this endeavor his great passion and which led him to win a social innovation award for the development of local communities in Chile including the Chilean horse and his promotion of tourism.

He is the president of the first Equestrian Tourism Corporation in Chile and his mission is focused on men and women of the countryside. He believes these people are essential in adventure tourism as natural ancestors of the best riding guides in the mountains. His strategy is based on fair trade and motivational speeches, as well as training of local actors of each community.

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Sustainable tourism is the basis and inspiration that motivate our actions. We are a benchmark of sustainable tourism in Chile and the government considers Southern Cross Connection as an example of social innovation for community development in our country. We received the award "Tourism Merit" from the highest tourism authorities in Chile in recognition of our work during the International Year of Sustainable Tourism as declared by the United Nations.

We carry out educational programs for children from different Andean schools aimed at teaching them the method Fukuaka. This method allows the reforestation in wild places based on clay pellets with seeds of native trees, which we later launched with a group of volunteer riders in the areas affected by fires that burned thousands of hectares in our country.

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Southern Cross Connection is concerned with every detail in your experience as a unique experience with the communities of our country. The horses are all Chilean breed and trained to facilitate the crossings through pristine places. We rescue everyday elements of local culture and introduce them to our clients so that they actively participate in our daily planned activities, specially designed by our staff. This team of people is qualified to face all the challenges and requirements of an adventure in the Andes.

Welcome to ride the real experience... Southern Cross Connection.

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