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Central Valley

CLP $3.231.750


Crossing of the Cordillera de Santiago-hanging glacier

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General description:

This is one of the most significant trips of the season and it allows you to travel trails visited by Charles Darwin during his travels through the central area of our country. We will receive our visitors in the castle of the Majadas de Pirque with a tour of wine history as an introduction to living the adventure in Chile.

We will continue our journey through the canyon of the Olivares River to begin the adventure and riding experience with our Chilean horses.  The tour contemplates accommodation in glamping in geodesic domes and the great waterfall that emerges from the hanging glacier -our main goal. We will sleep under the stars in the same way our ancestors did, and we will be able to appreciate the king of the Cordillera, the Condor in full grandeur.

Our programs include all meals, beverages, accommodation, tips for the staff and insurance.If you would like to receive the full program, write to: Info@southerncrossconnection.com


Difficulty: Experts

Date: February 2020

Maximum of riders: 12

Route: 6 days/5 nights


1.0-Arrival in Chile Las Majadas de Pirque

2-Domo Rio Olivares- 1/2 River Glamping camp

3.-1/2 River Gran Salto Natural

4.- 1/2 River Gran Salto Glamping camp

5.-1/2 River-Domo Rio Olivares-Majadas Las Majadas De Pirque

6.- The Majadas – Airport


reservation policy

To reserve your experience, please pay in full in advance. You can change the date of your adventure up to 20 days prior to travel, subject to availability.

All cancellations must be received in writing via email. If you cancel more than 20 days before your experience, you will be refunded 80% of your reservation, outside of that period there will be no refund of your transaction.